The Game
Hill Climb Racing is a free app for Android and iOS. The game is available in many languages such as English, German and French. You are a little racer and you want to climb every mountain even the mountains on the moon! At the beginning you have a Jeep. If you make big jumps,loops and other stunts on the mountains are you getting alot of points (coins). You can buy alot of stuff with your earned coins: Upgrades for your car that make your vehicle much faster, you can buy new vehicles or do you want a new map to earn more points? Because every new map is giving you more points. And every car is specialized on one specific map.



The Hack
Hill Climb Racing has some stuff that you can only buy with alot of coins and since they are very expensive in the shop do you need to invest very much time to get this points. But dont worry! This was the reason for me to create this site. I want to share this amazing hack/cheat with you to get unlimited coins in 10 seconds! You can simply download this file directly with your device or you can download it with your computer. It is a modded Hill Climb Racing filethat gives you unlimited coins. You can call it a mod a hack or a cheat. Its your choice. This is a .apk file This is NO fake programm like you see it on the other websites. This.Is.REAL! You dont need to be scared! You can not get banned with this because it will be undetected for ever! We are using this since the release of the game and noone got banned! If the game gets a update we are going to update the file as fast as possible.



Hill Climb Racing Hack - File Info :